Fans of Batman, do you wish to turn your room into a bat cave? Here is an easy way to make a bat lamp for your room, that will make you go nana nana nana nana….Batman!

You will require:


Clear Tape


LED Lights



Now follow these steps:

Make  a bat logo on a newspaper and cut it precisely.

Place this cut out on the cardboard and draw an outline of the bat logo.

Remove the newspaper and cut the cardboard piece, along the lines of your outline.

On one side of the bat logo, attach LED lights.

The LED lights should run in a single line along the edge of the bat logo, with all the bulbs facing outward.

Paint the other side of your bat logo with black paint.

Now use a string to hang your bat lamp on the wall, plug  in the LED lights and your bat lamp is ready.


Keep in mind:

Make sure that the edges of your cardboard cut out are smooth. Take the help of an adult to do so.

Place the LED lights in a neat line to give an overall uniform effect.

To jazz up your bat lamp, you can also use different colour LED lights or LED lights with different settings.

Watch the DIY video here:

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