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Arching Their Way
Three young archers, arch their way to glory!
Sep 26, 2018 at 00:00

How did your journey with Archery begin?

Every summer vacation we used to try many sports – swimming, basketball, karate, tennis, badminton, golf, athletics. Three years ago we all felt like trying  a new sport - Khushbu suddenly expressed the desire to start archery. My mother opposed it as it an expensive sport. But our dad was very supportive and so we bought our first bow.

Does coaching with your father make the process tougher or easier?

Khushbu: It definitely makes the process easier as the comfort level and understanding is much more.

Divya: It makes it easier with our father as the coach as I am very open with him and I can share my difficulties / problems more openly.

Digvijay: Very easy

What are the challenges you face today for your sport in India?

Khushbu: Archery is less popular than some other sports

Divya: Managing studies with sports is a big challenge.

Digvijay: Compound archery is not given as much importance as recurve archery

How does a regular day look like for you guys?

We start our day with running. Then go to school, come back rest for a while, then go for practice, come back and study. Then depending on our school routine or championships routine we either practice once a day or twice a day. The routine has to be flexible as per the requirement – whether it's for the trials or championships.

Does a regime of studying and training, take away from being a regular teenager?

Khushbu: Teenage is not about partying and being with friends all the time. It is the time to build your life. So I think studying and training doesn’t take away from teenage. It builds it.

Divya: Studying and sports doesn’t take away from teenage life as I would definitely been playing some other sport if not archery.

Digvijay: Not exactly but yes we are not so free to just go and party

How has the experience of competing with players from rest of the world been like?

Khushbu: It is a very wonderful experience, I have learnt a lot from people with whom I compete. It is a very friendly and healthy competition.

Divya: My experience of playing with players from different parts of the world has been wonderful as it has given me insight into the training and mindset of other players.

So which sport do you guys to play like apart from Archery?

(All three together) Basketball

If you had a magic wand, what would each one of you alter?

Khushbu: If I had a magic wand I would like to go back and change my performance in all those events in the past where I had hit a low score.

Divya: The constant process of struggling and improving your sport is what makes a sportsman and I love my game the way it is, so if I had a magic wand I would not like to change anything.

Digvijay: I would not change anything

Who has been your biggest motivation for the sport?

Our dad is a national level archer and he is the motivation. We want to make our parents & our family proud.

You guys have won a lot of accolades, which remains your favorite win till date?

Khushbu: My best has been in world youth archery championship in Rosario, Argentina. And meeting our sports minister Mr. Rajyavardhan Rathore

Divya: My win at Asia Cup, Taiwan. I won my first individual gold medal in that competition.

Digvijay: My victory at Asia Cup Taiwan where I won my first international medal – gold and silver.

Ok, some non sport related questions, tell us your favourite:


Khushbu: History

Divya: English

Digvijay: Commerce


Khushbu: Basketball

Divya: Listening to Music

Digvijay: Listening to Music


Khushbu: Serena Williams

Divya: Cristiano Ronaldo

Digvijay: Usain Bolt


Khushbu: Rajma & Rice

Divya: Chocolates

Digvijay: Ice Cream

Brief Summary of their Accolades:


  • 1 Bronze medal at Asia Cup Bangkok 2016
  • 1 Silver medal at Asia Cup Taiwan 2016
  • Youth World Championship 2017, Rosario Argentina
  • 3 Gold, 1 Bronze medal at Junior National Championship 2017, Jamshedpur


  • 2 Gold, 1 Bronze medal at Asia Cup Taiwan, 2017
  • 1 Bronze medal at World Cup Turkey 2017
  • Youth World Championship 2017, Rosario Argentina
  • 3 Gold medals at Senior National Championship 2017, Faridabad


  • 1 Gold, 1 Silver medal at Asia Cup Taiwan 2016
  • 1 Gold medal at Junior National Championship, Satara
  • 2 Gold, 2 Silver medals at Junior National Championship 2016, Jamshedpur
  • 1 Gold, 1 Bronze, 1 Silver medal at sUb Junior National Championship 2016, Goa


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