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Aug 02, 2017 at 10:48

He may have only been the President of the United States, but he won the hearts of the entire world. He will not only go down in history as America’s first President of colour, but also as one of the greatest President’s the world has ever seen. He was in no way perfect, but he managed to accomplish a great deal. Legalization of gay marriage, affordable healthcare reforms, signing of the hate crime prevention act, and winning a Nobel Prize in 2009 are just the tip of his achievements.

As we bid goodbye to the Obamas, here are the five reasons why this POTUS will be significantly missed.

1. His chill

If poking fun at everyone he possibly could (including his very own self) in his last White House Correspondent Dinner speech wasn’t enough, his legendary ‘Obama out’ drop the mic moment earned him a spot in every teenager’s heart. If his Harry Potter and Game of Thrones references weren’t enough, his ability to hold his own next to some of the best comedians of the world proved to the world that there is more to him, than just his Presidential powers.

2. The Joe Biden and Barack Obama Bromance

Just when we thought we had seen it all, President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden’s bromance made our hearts sing. Be it Joe Biden making a friendship bracelet for Obama’s 55th birthday, or Joe Biden portraying our emotions while Obama played good cop during the Trump presidential victory speech, made the world fall in love with their friendship, and allowed the internet to start a meme frenzy based on their incomparable love and bond. Their funny videos, laughs, and smart comments will be gravely missed.

3. A romance straight out of the movies 

How to stay scandal free for eight years in the public eye? (I am looking at you Bill Clinton.) Just ask the Obamas. Barack Obama never missed an opportunity to tell the world who the real MVP in his life was. It was the love of his life, Michelle Obama. Be it their combined effort to provide a strong front for their daughters, Michelle Obama’s continuous support to the POTUS’ work, or their hilarious and candid interviews, it didn’t take anyone long to notice the golden romance these two had. A story made for the books. If Barack Obama’s tribute to his ‘best friend’ Michelle Obama during his farewell speech didn’t melt your heart, then you don’t have a heart. They truly are a dream team.

4. Connecting with the people

Apart from his many Presidential duties, Barack Obama connected with his people in ways many Presidents could only dream of. Both Michelle and him made remarkable attempts to open the White House to the public on many occasions, so that the people could have a better and stronger relationship with them. The Halloween celebrations, hosting a sleepover at the White House Lawn, inviting the kid President to the White House and giving him his own personal tour were some of the many amazing steps taken to achieve this goal of bridging the gap.

5. His humility and passion

He was the most powerful man in the world for eight years straight, yet he didn’t lose sight of who he is and where he came from. Obama has never shied away from embracing his flaws and making fun of his own self. This man isn’t scared to take a joke (Trump are you listening?). Nothing could stop him from promoting diversity and tolerance. Obama was passionate about his work, and went out of his way to lend support to issues of great importance and meaning to him. Not only did he improve America’s economy, he also empathized with the grievances taking place all over the globe. He was truly the President of the people, for the people, by the people.

Vitasta Singh

Student Reporter

January 2017